How We Decide the Electronic Cigarette Award Winners?

How many factors we should consider if we want to award an e-cig company? Generally, there are about six factors we need to care: the instensity of atomizer, the number of puffs for every battery charge, the colors of battery, the flavors, battery life and its reputation in customers’ hearts.

The most important principles

First, the company should be professional and experienced in e-cigarette business. Good reputation is a good demonstration and an advantage for those companies attending the campaign.

Second, all Top E-Cigarette Brands after the campaign should own at least one brand that is proven as a long time reputable e-cigs. You know, no any customer want to buy an e-cigarette that only is good just in a certain time, but not a long time.

What’s the next step?

Once the candidates are chosen, we will check them with all the factors above; After that, we will ask for public comments and votes from our customers and a professional jury team. At last, the result will be published and the companies that perform best in each of our categories will receive an award by reviewing all votes.

Each e-cigarette brand will be marked from 1 to 5 stars (5 stars being best) in 5 different areas of performance. All the votes will be tabulated and double checked for accuracy and identifying duplicates from the same person.

How We Decide the Electronic Cigarette Award Winners?