Best Rechargeable E-Cigs

We’re betting that some people out there are thinking that the prices for rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits are too high right now. Well, at one point… we thought that prices were a bit too high as well- but that was almost 5 years ago. The current prices for rechargeable e-cigs that you see in retail stores, online, and in mall kiosks aren’t quite as expensive as you may think.

#1 Green Smoke

Green Smoke, as you’ll see… has been around for a while… since ’09. We consider them pioneers in the rechargeable e-cigarette industry and they’ve rightfully earned their spot on our Editors Chart ranked as the #1 e-cigarette because of their outstanding quality and customer service etc. When we reviewed them, there was nothing for us to really complain about; the price was worth it. With Green Smoke… well, their quality explains their price tag. If you should decide to purchase one of their kits… you too will find out just why we have them rated as the overall #1 brand of ecigarettes.

#2 White Cloud

White Cloud stepped onto the scene sporting one of the most expensive rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits in the industry; if not THE most expensive. When we reviewed White Cloud, we were expecting A LOT – I mean, look at that price tag! The average individual doesn’t have an extra $350 laying around to buy an e-cig with. When we reviewed White Cloud’s Cirrus 3X kit, we were impressed, very impressed. Now that the price is right….we’re even happier.

#3 Halo

Halo (unlike the other two), made their big splash into the industry through their superior USA made E-liquids. They built a customer base from that and then went on to produce e-cigarette hardware as well. We’re shedding some light here on Halo because they’ve got a very well-built product, excellent quality, and very yummy e-juices. They recently dropped their price for their Halo G6 kit, and revamped it’s case as well. Currently out of the three, Halo’s G6 is your highest quality “cheapest” option for an e-cig, especially when coupled with the mini-tanks.

How We Decide the Electronic Cigarette Award Winners?