Best Personal Vaporizers

We are going to go over our top choices for the best brands of vaporizers for 2014. We’ll provide our reviews, as well as some quick bullet points. There will also be some coupon codes for you guys to save money. We’re just a couple of dudes who love vaporizers and figured we would create this site to share our experiences with them.

#1 Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

Easy to use and maintain, barely any draw resistance, decent flavor that can get even better, minimal odor, well made with a clean design. Best of all, you can get a Hydrotube to use with it which makes the vaping experiencing incredible.  If you’re looking to find a super dope portable vaporizer that combines all 3 vaping methods (herb, wax, and oil) and can even be used as a stand-alone vape, then the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is your guy.

#2 Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer Pen is a handheld vape (kinda) that has been getting a lot of mixed reviews everywhere. Some claim it as the best vaporizer pen on the market, while others flat out use it to get an edge when playing “Pencil Break”. While this portable unit definitely has some good features that can’t be ignored, there are a few things that I’m not too crazy about as well. For the purpose of clarity, I’m going to be reviewing and grading the Atmos based solely as a vaporizer pen and not in other ways.

#3 Pax by Ploom

The Pax is super easy to use, small and portable, has a sweet design, and you get great vapor quality and taste. The Pax by Ploom is one of my personal favorites when it comes to portable vaporizers. While there are a few minor things that I’m not crazy about, it’s still my “go-to-on-the-go”.

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