Best Electronic Cigars

When we mention cigar, Cuba comes in our mind and tell us that this country has the best cigar in the world. But what’s an e-cigar? E-cigar looks like traditional cigar without smoke. E-cigar provides all of the nuances that contained in a traditional cigar without harmful side-effects. For the best cigar experience, you don’t need to fly to Cuba to get a top cigar, you can just browse some valuable online shop and make a important choice.

 #1 The VAPOR ZEUS Refillable E-Cigar

Unlike other single model e-cigar in the market, the Vapor Zeus offers you more choices. It comes with either an Automatic Model (no button), or the Dual Model. The Dual Model is capable of using either the auto mode, or the manual mode (press button). The Zeus is a powerful steam machine with a full 1.5 volts more output than most e-cigarettes. 5.0 volts total. With the ability use different e-liquids plus a long lasting rechargeable battery, the Vapor Zeus is the best categorized as both electronic cigar, and personal vaporizer. To use as e-cigar, simply fill with cigar flavored e-liquid. The sky is the limit!

#2 The Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar

The Maracello makes it possible to recharge an electronic cigar. Antonio Villard has designed this bad-boy after years of product feedback and research. The Maracello comes complete with a realistic cigar body, 2 refill cartridges, and a charger, all boxed up in an elegant box. This well made e-cigar couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place one of the refill cartridges in the cigar body and take a puff! No messy e-liquid to spill and you will save money buy reusing this e-cigar over and over again. Each refill cartridge is equal to 6-8 analog cigars. The taste is surprisingly delicious and the vapor has just the right amount of zing to make it one of my favorite flavors. You can get extra cartridges from their site at a cost of 2 for $20. That’s like paying $1.25 per cigar! Enjoy.

#3 The Royale Disposable Electronic Cigar

There are two sizes to choose from for Antonio Villard disposable electronic cigar. The Cubana e-cigar is a smaller e-cigar that tastes like a small cigar should. It has a mild cigar taste and a sweet and smooth draw.The Royale is the big brother of the two and looks completely different than the Cubana e-cigar. With a bold, yet mild flavor, it is a beautiful work of e-cigar engineering.Both e-cigar styles have a distinctive green glow tip that lights up when you puff on it. A feature that will keep the bartender or pit-boss off your back.


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