Best E-Liquids

When you use an electronic cigarette, you need to put into something liquid – E-liquid. The electronic cigarettes produce vapor that is inhaled by users so that they can enjoy the same feeling like smoking but without harmful chemicals. Generally, users only need a few drops to make the electronic cigarette work for about an hour, maybe 10 to 15 drops for several hours. The electronic cigarette can’t work without putting into e-liquid in the tank.

A good product is worthy of good paying so people are willing to pay more for a high quality e-liquid, which can offer customers almost authentic flavors, like candy cotton, chocolate, strawberry and more. Generally speaking, customers care about four things when they choose one e-liquid: flavor, production place, price and ingredients.

#1 VaporFi

I guess nobody say no to chocolate and strawberry flavors. Decadent Dip comes with two shots of chocolate and one of strawberry. After vaping this one for a couple of days, I have to say I really like this. Although, I would also say that the chocolate is pretty dominant. The strawberry struggles to come through. For me, maybe one shot of each would have balanced it out. But the chocolate? Delicious!

#2 V2

V2 has more flavors available for you than you imagine. V2 is one of the first companies to address the problem of flavor limitations with their customizable cartomizers, but you have to buy 100 at a time. E-cigarette liquid to suit any palate. V2 Cigs have the best flavors in the electronic cigarette industry and they perform routine testing on their e-cig liquids.

#3 Halo

Halo e-cigarette is one of the most honest and reputable vendors, with superior customer service, and low price for all wide ranges of their products. Halo batteries are the most used by members of the Spinfuel Team, both with e-Liquid reviews and for personal vaping.  Halo catalogue of juices includes desserts, fruits, tobacco, menthol, and more. Prices are based on milliliters: $4.99 for 15mls in their case.


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