Best Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarettes are a good choice to start their e-cigs journey for most e-cig users. Disposable e-cigs are available in most of public facilities, like gas station, supermarket, or bar. With disposable electronic cigarettes in hand, it becomes more convenient and easier to vape with no tar, no e-liquid, and after the e-cig run out, you can just throw it into ash bin.

The best disposable e-cig will enable you to enjoy a wonderful taste of what you never imagine for different user experiences. It may not be as exciting as a real cigarette in taste when you use it in the first time, but if you want to make a switch to e-cigarettes, it is the first step for you to get into to the smokeless world. So give yourself a little chance to close it, even just for one time, and you will easily change your mind and make a smooth switch from a “smoker” into a “vaper”.

#1 Green Smoke

Green Smoke is one of the top disposable electronic cigarette brand. There are many varieties and flavors to choose from and Green Smoke has a good performance in their price range. However, they only supplied products to Phillip Morris, the biggest tobacco company in the world, with seven of the world’s top 15 e-cigarettes brands, including Marlboro. No matter how the company changes its product, marketing policy, and e-cigarettes technology, until now Green Smoke is ranked in the top three in the electronic cigarette brand list for beginners. If you want more information, just take a look at Green Smoke Review.

#2 Starfire E-Cigs

Based in Florida, Starfire Cigs brand has been established for about two years so far. The company offer customers some basic choices for mini e-cig products including a traditional boxed starter kit, a mini kit, nine flavors of cartridges and many accessories. There are many flavors to choose, including tobacco, sweet, fruity, icy and menthol. In addition to vegetable glycerin and water, its cartridges are also made of natural and artificial flavoring and nicotine. But the case of 0mg versions is not. There is still one point need to be mentioned that Starfire’s cartridges don’t contain propylene glycol. The main issue I come across when I am using this e-cig is its battery life. Do you want to know how Starfire Cigs perform compared with some of the best e-cigarettes in the mini e-cig market.

#3 V2 E-Cigs

We have considered all the possible factors that build up the best electronic cigarette brand, so our expert team will give our professional analysis about V2 Cigs brand. For more information, click to read the whole story. 

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