Best E-Cigarettes 2014

Do you ever know some top e-cigarettes brands? Want to know more? Now our Top E-Cigarette Brands program, a professional and leading electronic cigarette review program, are happy to know that you are coming. As a big electronic cigarette fan, we decided to create this review site to share our opinions and experiences with all other people who love electronic cigarettes.

If you are trying to find a suitable e-cigarette for yourself, your husband or your friends, now you come to the right place. All of our reviews just produce after our many tests on the e-cigarettes. Our reviews aim to give you a comprehensive overview of both the positive and negative elements of the latest and biggest-selling e-cigarette brands on the market so you can make an informed decision and kick the tobacco.

Browse the top 10 e-cig brands here to find out more about some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, and follow our blog if you’re looking to learn more about e-cigs in general.

Why They are the Best E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette industry boomed in the world in a very short time, so many e-cigarette companies are established around the world, but there are not so many good e-cigarettes supplier that can be trusted. After comparing hundreds of electronic cigarette suppliers in the industry, we are here to introduce Apollo, Blu, V2 and others as 2014 Best E-cigs providers.

All the factors when we review e-cigs include:
High-intensity Atomizers
Number of puffs per battery charge
Number of battery colors available
Number of available vapor flavors
Battery Life

V2 – Best Taste Like The Top Brands of Real Cigarettes (Marlboro, Newport, Camel, Winston)

Everyone is different so we recommend trying for yourself, and this should give you a nice starting point. Note that disposables and rechargeables do have subtle differences.  V2 features great overall product, quality, flavors and throat hit; if you are looking for something that is real close to a real cigarette, this may be your answer. Recommended: V2 Red Flavor: Marlboro Red. Check it out at now.

Halo – Best Rechargeable E-Cigarette 2014

Halo E-cigs stand out in the electronic cigarette industry for long time battery life, and super sleek design and feel. The short manual battery produces some serious vape. Really easy to refill cartridges, as you can remove the end piece by hand if you don’t jam it in there. Check it out at

Blu – 2014 Best E-Go E-Cigarette

There are many e-cigarette brands available in the market, so what are you going to choose? Which brand can meet your need? What kind of electronic cigarettes do you prefer? Check it out at now.

How We Decide the Electronic Cigarette Award Winners?